Once upon a time, there was a God and there was a perfect block of clay.

God decided to cut that block perfectly in two with a lightning bolt.
As he was God that went perfectly, and when he made a woman and a man from each of those halves, they were perfectly equal.
So Lilith; the first woman on Earth, decided she had all the same rights as Adam; the first man on Earth had.

But Adam was not satisfied with that, he wanted Lilith to serve him and care for him and during nightly intercourse he wanted her to lay under him.

But Lilith who was strong-willed had no intention to serve Adam, nor to lay under him, and so many an argument arose, until one day Adam used force to make sure Lilith would lay under him... he had better not done that.

Lilith became angry and rose up in full length, rose her arms and spread them and they turned into black wings, you could hardly distinguish them from her dark long hair, and then she flew away to the Red Sea shore where she lived in a cave.

It took God 600 years before he pitied Adam enough and made him fall asleep, took his rib out and made Eve, whom he made submissive, so as not to have the same problems again, and then woke Adam up again.


As to what exactly happened to Lilith...  there are many versions of the story.

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