Lilith at the Red Sea

In the one version she became a succubus, causing men to waste their seed in their dreams.

In another she became the devil of the Night, or the Screeching demon who disturbs everyone in their sleep.

Then there is a version in which she sleeps with a demon and gives birth to a hundred little "Lillim" (devilish monsters) on a daily basis.


Some say she is a thief of children because she never could have any with Adam.

But... there is also a version that describes her as a Protector of Children and there even exists an amulet (either to protect against her, or which gives children protection in her name), it all depends on where you get the story from.

Believe what you want... but I definitely would have preferred her to be the only wife of Adam and to be on an equal basis, it would have saved us females from a lot of injustice.

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