Although I am very much a city girl, happy to have everything close at hand, whether it be transport, or shops, or public services..., still nature is the one way to get straight back to my core-self.  I can un-load or
re-charge my batteries depending on what kind of day I had and there are a couple
of  wonderful parks around Antwerp.  Some are real city parks with stone
paths benches and garbage cans, but some are more like small
nature reserves, have dirt paths, no benches (or just one)
and no carbage cans at all to discourage
people to eat, drink or bring any
garbage in to the park.

I prefer the latter

as it gives you much more

contact with nature. There are
much more trees and leaves hanging
over the paths and much more wildlife to enjoy. 
As you can see in this picture of the Fort 4 park.

Spiritually I am very much into naturebased religions; Paganism,

Witchcraft (non-wicca) and Siberian Shamanisme are my favourites, but occasionally I also read about Druidry or mythology of the Grieks, Romans and Norsk.  I am an ever learning student and probably will be till I die.

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