Volunteers work


I started as a volunteer in 2016 and love this system where people do small jobs and chores for one another in exchange for virtual money called "Neighbours". 1 neighbour for 1 hour and that compares to 5 Euro.
One can come and eat in the People's Kitchen for 1,5 Neighbours or buy something at the clothes market, or book market or buy services from eachother.

When you click in the pictures they open up to FULL SIZE

 My hobby: CROCHET
CROCHET is one of my hobbies

Not only do I make scarfs, hats, tops, sweaters, Cardigans and more, but I also tried my had a jewelry. Mostly Necklaces as they wear so "lightly" and you can copy many a model from metal, silver or gold.  That is how I often get to my idea's, but sometimes I just try something out that was in my head and am glad when it turns out real nice.

So I suggest you take a look at some of my work in the pictures I put up here.  Enjoy!
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