Me and Spirit(s)

As from the young age of 11, I had my encounters with Spirits, and I had my share of paranormal phenomenon happening to me.  I say "happening to me" as in the beginning I wasn't able to control it at all.

Between my 20's and 30's I had weird things happening to me.

Sometimes I had clairvoyant moments (at the age of 24 I once predicted a plane crash 6 days ahead), at other moments I had telekinetic abilities and made cupboards open and close on my demand.

In one apartment where I lived there were a few pairs of scissors, that always ended up in one particular room, no matter where we originally put them.

And I had a couple of negative experiences as well, as there was the "Black Mass" that seemed to come out of a painting we got as a gift from the grandfather of my then partner.

It came out at the most irregular intervals and started small from one particular spot in the  painting and grew towards the middle of the room where it formed a big black cloud.

It scared the hell out of me!

Many years later I saw a re-enacted clip on you tube about a British couple who had the same experience as me and I was glad I was no longer alone, because my partner at the time never saw it and didn't believe me. 

Between my 30's and my 40's I had more experiences on "personal level".  Telepathy with my mum and some close friends, and giving dreams  and images to people I was close with.

They picked up my emotional moments in pictures and often came to tell me what crazy dreams they had and I could exactly tell them where the images came from.  


When I was in my 50's I started to "read" people. Especially when I shook or held their hands. I could tell them things about their past actions and their family-history even though I had never met them before.  I amazed a couple of my colleagues (and myself) with that. When I had more experiences with it I got a grip on things and learned to steer it better, but every now and again it might still surprise me (and sometimes the people around me at that). 

All through the years I had the odd visitation by spirits, some known, some unknown to me and also my deceased cats come to visit me often.

Even where I work things "spook" around me, luckily most of my colleagues never even noticed.

Like when a special light or sound appears in the room, they often mistake it for sunrays or outside sounds, which makes it easier for me, I do not have to explain it all.

An then there's the objects...

You see... occasionally objects jumped away from me or towards me.  I am still not very comfortable with it, as I have never learned quite how to control it.  One day it happened at the kitchenette at the office, when a cup slid across the table straight into my hand, I was very lucky the person next to me didn't notice because she was busy on her Smart Phone, but it gave me little sparks through my spine.  :)


I must admit that everything paranormal and mystic has always fascinated me.

I was brought up without religion, because my parents were disgusted by the Catholic Church's doctrine and they awful way they had been treated in their younger years, so the let their children find their own spiritual way. 

I was the most mystical one I suppose, because I chose to read up on all sorts of religions and then decided that Buddhism fitted me most, because they do not bother about there being a God or not, they just feel it is our duty to be the best possible person we can be and in doing so, make the world a better place. The nicest philosophy I came across so far!


I became a Buddhist in 1982 and also became a vegetarian and teetotaller because of it.

When the temple in my neighbourhood moved away to a different town, it became difficult to me to go there.
So I stayed at home but missed the weekly lessons and after a while you become interested in so many other things as well.

In the late 90's I felt I got the gift of Healing, but my analytic mind wanted a "formula" to understand and apply and luckily I came across the work of Barbara Brennan who as a researcher was able to analyse and describe it in detail, so that anyone could study it and with the help of workshops I quickly got the hang of it and in the following years I honed my skills and it took me a long time to see I could easily open my own cabinet. So when the laws in my land made it possible to become an independent business owner I opened my cabinet in 2014, but unfortunately due to a lot of circumstances had to close it again at the end of 2015.  Still I remain determined that one day I will do this again!

So in 2004 I got interested in Witchcraft and kept it up for some 10 years, then I widened my horizon and called myself a Pagan instead of a witch. 

And since 2015 an old calling returned to me and I stepped on the Shamanic path, realising that only the Siberian Shamanism rang true to me it took me quite a while to find people wo were able to teach me proper rituals and ceremonies and explain how Shamans really work. 

I was surprised I recognised so much from Witchcraft and Paganism, like the three worlds on the "three of life" (axis of the world) and how Shamans travel up and down between those worlds to gain knowledge from the Spirits to help humans and animals in this world.

I understand I still am at the bottom of the Shamanic ladder but I am very eager to learn.


And so I have come full circle and ended up with Spirits again.

I just get problems with my health that often stop me in my tracks. After all I was born more than sixty years ago.
We are bound to wear down after some time on this crazy planet of ours. :)

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